About Austin Home

Founded by “industry icon” Mr. Randolph L Austin, Austin Home Interiors is famous for premium craftsmanship furniture products. 

Randolph L Austin started his career in the furniture industry at the age of 14 with his father's workshop in Atlanta, With more than 60 years of experience, Mr. Randolph L Austin has been in charge Holding high positions of CEO/President in leading furniture corporations in the US such as Theodore Alexander, Hickory White, Hammary and Riverside.

In 2004, he came to Vietnam to hold the position of President Theodore Alexander, and at the same time consulted the factory here on production techniques and how to perfect products to meet the needs of customers. export standards to the US and EU markets.

In 2007, with his wife - Mrs. Robin King Austin, they founded the Austin Home Interiors brand, with a passion for artistic, comfortable & persistently coming to the Vietnamese market, making the house a relaxing and loving place for everyone!

Leadership Philosophy

The Austin Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy

Take care of your people and the work will take care of itself . We do really care about our staff. 

Product design and manufacturing philosophy

Excellent construction, best practices and materials - we don’t do cheap.

Interior design philosophy

Show our customers what is possible. Showroom should always be exciting and colorful.  If the customer wants neutrals then agree but be sure to use multiple textures and tones to make the design interesting.

Import partner

Austin Home is the exclusive distribution partner of John Richard American furniture brand in Vietnam market. John Richard products are renowned for their technical virtuosity and borderless creativity, combining contemporary aesthetics with timeless value. In addition, the Austin Home showroom also features beautiful woodwork by Woodbridge, Italian lacquerware from Prisma Home, handwoven rugs from India and Turkey, and Italian Mechini chandeliers. In particular, many table lamps designed specifically from Mrs. Robin King Austin.
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Import partner
Upholstery service on request

Upholstery service on request

The Austin Home Interiors brand has made its mark in the Vietnamese market for more than a decade with its upholstered chair manufacturing service. Here, customers can manually choose the style, size, comfort of the seat, especially their favorite upholstery fabric. With hundreds of fabric samples imported from the US, Australia, Belgium, and Thailand, they are always up to date with the latest trends, helping customers touch the interior products of their dreams. Austin Home is proud to work side by side with master artisans and craftsmen, creating upholstery products that are unsurpassed in quality, complexity and detail. Not only limited by simple neutral colors, Austin Home design focuses on textures, combining many fabrics on the same product, creating a unique and impressive color.

Partners customers

Austin Home Interiors (AHI) and Austin Home Sourcing (AHS) teams have worked together on luxury hotel projects in Vietnam and Asia. Design and upholstery with the Austin Home brand is present in boutiques and luxury hotels in Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City. AHI team members have worked at luxury hotels in Asia such as Marina Bay Sands and others in Thailand and Indonesia. The project team can make the furnishing process for your project smooth and seamless. From hallways and lounges to rooms and suites, our unique and stylish designs will give your project an edge. The experienced production team ensures that your project designs are completed to perfection. The delivery and installation team provides excellent service.