Curtains are a typically overlooked component when designing homes. Too often people chose not to replace them, or play it safe with some standard gray curtains that do not particularly add anything special to the room. But did you know that draperies can affect the feeling, atmosphere, formality, and light of a space? They are more important than you think! It seems the power of draperies is lost on many of us. But, worry no longer! Austin Home Interiors offers a bespoke drapery service with a huge range of styles and fabrics from which to choose. We’ve included some beautiful examples of our work below, so read on and find out how curtains can transform your home.


Make your room larger

To create the impression that the room is larger than it actually is, hang your curtains high and wide. Most people tend to put them at eye-level, but high-hung drapes can actually bring the eye upward and make the room feel taller. Have your curtains extended outwards beyond the edge of your window frame, too. This allows you to see your entire window when you open your drapes. More light will flood into the room, and this will also help create the illusion of more space. A general rule of thumb is to hang curtains 10 to 15 centimeters above your window, although for particularly small rooms it’s not uncommon to place your drapery rod as close to the ceiling as possible. If you have a small room, try to avoid horizontal stripes or fabrics with large patterns, as this will have the opposite effect and make the room feel smaller.


Control the temperature

Curtains can help maintain a comfortable temperature in your room. In cold climates, windows leak of a lot of heat and so thick, insulated draperies can keep the warmth in and the cold out. In hot countries, you may be surprised to learn that thick draperies are also effective, but inversely so. They do a great job of keeping out the hot sunlight beating down onto your windows and will minimize leakage of cool air-conditioned temperatures. This is ideal for bedrooms, but you may enjoy a breeze blowing through your kitchen windows. In that case, light, gauzy drapes are perfect for allowing air to pass through while blocking any harsh glare.


Create a more cohesive design

Use a fabric for your curtains that matches something else in your room. This will create a much more cohesive space and can add an injection of color in an otherwise neutral room. We recommend matching curtains with pillows and throws. Repeating a color or fabric in a few key places makes the room feel really well put together. In our example below, we’ve matched the beautiful navy blue and white cornice with pillows and the headboard. The beautiful patterned fabric is used for the curtains and pillows.


Formal or informal?

The style of drapery that you use can have a significant effect on the ambiance of a room and can dictate how relaxed or formal it is. Austin Home Interiors creates beautiful swags, cascades, cornice boards, and tiebacks which will elevate your space and add a layer of formality. These styles are perfect for luxurious reception and dining rooms and will provide that elusive wow-factor that every homeowner desires.


Are you ready to transform your home with a gorgeous set of custom-made draperies? Contact us at to receive our fantastic drapery catalog and set up an appointment.

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