We kick things off this month with some tried and tested advice for the bedroom. What should you do, and what should you definitely try to avoid. Follow these tips to create the perfect boudoir


First, and generally most importantly, color. In your bedroom, try to stick to subtle hues. Calm color palettes instill peace and tranquility upon entering the room. Mixing cool grays and soft pinks are particularly popular at the moment. Combine these in your room to create the perfect lux retreat.



Another really important rule to follow is to make your bedroom a work-free zone. In fact, let’s add exercise to that as well. Bedrooms are for resting and relaxing – keep all workstations and exercise equipment someplace else. There’s nothing worse for stress and anxiety than going to bed looking at stacks of files on top of a bedroom desk… and then waking to them again first thing in the morning? Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! By all means, have a library table in your room – just make sure you use it for recreational reading and never for work!



As with all rooms in the house, choosing appropriate lighting is crucial. It’s worth mentioning here that not all light sources are equal. Small sconces that you can mount on the walls will offer a warm source of ambient lighting, but they won’t be suitable for late-night reading. Conversely, bedside table lamps are obviously perfect for reading but they are far too bright for other purposes. Make sure you have a range of lighting options to meet all your needs. You can also use lighting to highlight special pieces in your room – painting, photographs, vases, and another décor. Directional lights can highlight these pieces in a gallery-like manner. Finally, never underestimate the power of dimmers. Having the ability to adjust light levels, even by just a fraction, can make the world of difference. It’s also nice to gradually increase light first thing in the morning, rather than be immediately blinded by a powerful overhead light! At Austin Home Interiors, we offer a wide range of beautiful table and floor lamps, along with stunning fixed pendant lighting. 




Your bedroom is the ideal place to experiment with luxurious and stylish textiles that may be a bit too much in a family living room setting. Here’s your chance to play around with silk, velvet, and cashmere. Silk and satin bed sheets have a beautiful feel – once you try it will be hard to go back to cotton!




Of course, a great bedroom needs an inviting bed. This should go without saying, but many of us just have a duvet, a couple of pillows, and leave it at that. There’s so much more you can do and creating a plush bed is simpler than you might think. Basically, it all comes down to layers.


Go for a big puffy Euro sham instead of a standard size. Add a folded quilt and some pretty throw pillows. As for linens, we’ve got you covered. AHI stocks some truly beautiful fabrics for you to choose from. Contact us today! Info@austininteriors.com  | tel:+84 28 35190023

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