Finding and moving into her dream home was not as easy for Courtland Stevens as it is for many others. “We had tried to buy it [her house] three separate times, that’s how in love with it I was,” she says. Eventually, the stars aligned and she was able to grab the keys to this peculiar home in Savannah, Georgia. It didn’t take long for the interior designer to get to work; “the day we moved in I knew exactly what I wanted to do.” Courtland’s plan was as such: no room could feel like a sterile box any longer. “Each room has its own color; each room has its own purpose,” Courtland says.



Alongside her career as a designer, Courtland runs a prominent embroidery business. Her love of color and pattern is clearly evident throughout this striking home. Every room has a lot going on, it’s safe to say, but everything looks purposeful and deliberate. Courtland admits the home is “definitely edited… I hate clutter. Hate it. I love pattern play and I love the texture, but I cannot stand lots of little stuff.”



The formal living room is a lovely example of Courtland’s style. The room is choc-full of different textures, from leather to velvet to wood to glass to glossy metal. Your eye never lingers on one piece; the whole room is engaging and intriguing. However, the space remains elegant, glamorous, and peaceful – not words you’d typically use to describe a room with such an array of materials.


Courtland and her family love nothing more than entertaining, so she decided her dining room would become the showpiece of her house. She was adamant her home had to feature Scalamandré’s iconic Raphael wallpaper, and the dining room seemed most suited to it. The floor and ceiling were left neutral to let the heavily patterned wallpaper do the talking. Courtland decided to go for a stunning black and white inlay table. Her tabletop selection is similarly bold. She played off the room’s blue tint by placing Richard Ginori plates and adding colorful embroidered napkins. “Busy with busy is so great,” she says. “You lay a white bone-china plate on that table and it looks horrible. I love that everything you do, you have to go nuts.”



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We drew inspiration for this article from one king’s lane. Find the original article here.

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