It seems that everyone is stressed these days. People are stressed about work, family, friends, money, and lack of sleep. Everyone has at least one issue that’s causing some friction or tension in their lives – it’s inescapable and unavoidable. How we deal with and manage stress, however, is something we can control. Do you sink into your favorite chair and read a few chapters? Put on a brew of your favorite tea or coffee? Go for a run around the block? We all have our own way of winding down and chilling out, but did you know about the impact your immediate physical environment can have on your well-being? Read on to learn about how the design of your home can help you to de-stress in your day-to-day life.

Let there be light

First things first; get those curtains open first thing every morning. Let that natural light fill up your home. Bright spaces breed bright minds and positive thinking. Plenty of research shows how natural light boosts vitamin D levels, leaving people happier, healthier, and calmer. Sunlight also plays an important role in your body’s internal clock. You’ll find it much easier to wake up and go about your day if you expose yourself to as much natural light as possible. Therefore, you should set your home up in a way that harnesses natural light. Try to ensure your furniture is positioned away from your windows, so as not to block any light. Rooms painted in a light colors (particularly white, of course) will reflect sunlight around your room. Positioning mirrors directly opposite large windows will enhance this effect further. Outside your windows, make sure any trees and bushes are kept trimmed and in check to maximize sunlight intake.


It can be hard to switch off and relax if your home is cluttered. Too many things lying around can put people on edge. Organize yourself, invest in some quality storage options, and create a clean, calming environment that will be easy to relax in. There are endless storage possibilities – chests, window boxes, cabinets, cupboards, I could go on… Once you’ve tidied up and given everything a home, the job is not over. Clutter will creep back into your life if you don’t stay on top of it. Every few months, take a look around your home, particularly your kitchen and living room, and reassess what you have out on display. How often do you actually use it? Does it clutter the space? Can it be stored away easily? Regular checks like this keep you in control of your home and therefore relaxed and de-stressed.

Sleep on it

Getting a proper night’s sleep each and every night is vital if you’re beset with stress and worry. Sleep deprivation exacerbates stress levels, so make sure you get seven to nine hours of shut-eye every night. Start off by investing in a quality mattress. Try a few out in-store to figure out the kind of style that is best suited to you. Use 100% cotton or silk bed linen, and get yourself a decent foam pillow. At Austin Home Interiors, we offer a range of high-quality bed linens in a wide array of patterns and fabrics. Come and explore our fabric library in our beautiful showroom at 37 Trần Ngọc Diện, Thảo Điền, Quận 2.



Feeling good, feeling great

Studies show that interacting with a variety of pleasant-feeling textures will stimulate the mind and reduce negativity. Add some soft throw pillows or blankets to your sofa or bed to have some soothing to touch when you’re feeling on edge. Rough, earthy textures like wood and stone, while not being particularly soft, can provide a sense of being grounded and in control if used throughout your home.

Hopefully there’s something you can take away from this week’s blog and use in your own home. Take a step back once in a while and ask yourself – is this room exactly right for me? What don’t I like? What needs to change? If you can’t put your finger on it, but know something’s not right, then contact Austin Home Interiors today at Our expert designers can help you redesign your home to suit your exact needs.

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