This week’s blog explores a delightful Nashville home, owned and designed by Minnette Jackson and her husband. The couple moved from here from New York City, and initially thought they would never be able to fully furnish their spacious new home. However, after seven years and a number of redesigns, it’s safe to say the Jacksons needn’t have worried! Each room has been tastefully decorated in Minette’s “classic with a twist” style: comfortable upholstery and French antiques alongside modern art and generous doses of color and pattern. No room embodies this more than their gorgeous living room; read on to find out more!

The Jacksons’ lovely home did not always look like this – a great deal of work was needed to bring it in line with interior designer Minnette’s standards. “I referred to it as a ‘cocoon of beige and brown’ when we moved in,” she said. Upon purchase, the house felt heavy, drab, and dated. However, it was structurally sound and its layout flowed well, so the couple didn’t need to start knocking walls down and repurposing rooms, they had a reasonably blank canvas with which to work. To begin with, Minnette stripped the house bare and painted all the rooms in bright, neutral colors. Once the awful beige and brown had been disposed of, she could take her time to consider her design approach and pick up a few choice bits of furniture along the way.

Many of the rooms went through more than one transformation over those seven years; Minnette was dogged and willing to persevere until she found a design style that she truly loved. Ultimately, the final look ended up reflecting its surroundings – Nashville. “Nashville is such a vibrant Southern city, complete with classic architecture, beautiful green hills, and a heavy dose of Southern hospitality,” Minnette says. “It is hard to design a home there that doesn’t reflect those comforts.” Minnette took inspiration from the rich, leafy greens and bright blues so typical of the Tennessee landscape. This was combined with her and her husband’s diverse art collection.

The living room is Minnette’s favorite room in the house, and it is easy to see why. “During the day when the light comes in at the right time, the whole space just glows,” she says. “At night it is the coziest spot to sit and have a cocktail or catch up on the day.” A quirky wooden sculpture sits alongside an antique French chest and a vintage John Widdicomb mirror. It is this mix of period and contemporary which defines this house.

The living room needed to serve a number of functions for the Jacksons. It should be comfortable enough for working or reading in during the day, but formal and sophisticated enough for entertaining friends in the evenings.  They decided to use a range of versatile seating that would be suitable for any number of occasions, a range of interesting colors and patterns to keep the space interesting, and a selection of art pieces that would provoke conversation. The main green color was inspired by designer Veere Grenney’s living room. The stylish brass lamps are a nice counterbalance to the antique French demilune table upon which they stand.

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