Have you just moved into a new home? Or are you looking to inject a little life into your current place? Whatever your situation, there are always things you can do to shake up the design of your home.   These tips require minimal effort and investment but can yield maximum impact. Take a look at these tips and decide which to try first!

Increase the size of your home with… paint!

Now, we all know how powerful color is in design. It affects our moods and can completely change the atmospheres of a space. But, did you know color can change the size of your room? Well, not the actual size, but your perception of it. And that can make a huge difference. A classic trick used by interior designers is to paint small rooms in soft, light colors. This makes a room feel larger, and airier. Large windows and mirrors will further enhance this effect. On the flip side, dark colors make rooms feel smaller, and cozier.

“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…”

Like with our first tip, small spaces can be made to feel larger by using mirrors. A good tip, and this works for larger rooms and those with limited natural light, is to place mirrors directly opposite windows. This will add an instant injection of light into your space. Mirrors are not only functional – decorative mirrors can be hung instead of art to fill empty wall space. Another technique is to surround a wall mirror with photo frames. This not only looks great and draws the eye; it serves as a lovely conversation starter. Austin Home Interiors has a stunning selection of decorative mirrors that are sure to provoke conversation. Come visit our gorgeous showroom to see for yourself. You can find us at 37 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, or visit our Facebook page, here.

Green is clean

Add plants to your home if you aren’t using them already. Don’t be frugal! Add them to every room if you can. There’s such variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s fun to experiment and try a selection. Plants are generally inexpensive, plus they provide a number of other great benefits. The air inside your home can actually be more toxic than the air outside. Plants work to clean household air and balance humidity; they absorb pollutants and harmful gases, like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. They also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to help us breathe. Scientists at NASA investigated the benefits of houseplants and found the best plants for removing indoor pollutants include peace lilies, spider plants, English Ivy, and azaleas.   Your home should be full of them!

We hope you have learned a thing or two from this week’s blog. Check back in a week to read our next interior design post. If you are looking for professional advice contact us at info@austinhomeinteriors.com o visit our showroom.

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