This week we’re giving you a glimpse inside one of Manhattan’s most interesting apartments in one of its most striking buildings

Ask anyone in Tribeca, or Manhattan, or even New York about the ‘Jenga building,’ and they’ll know what you’re talking about. 56 Leonard, designed by world-famous architects Herzog & de Meuron, is perhaps the most talked-about apartment building in the city. You can’t miss it. Looming 821 feet above trendy Tribeca in Lower Manhattan, it is truly a sight to behold. Its irregular cantilevered blocks fit together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle (or indeed, a game of Jenga) and jut out over the city. When given the opportunity to design an apartment inside 56 Leonard, interior designer Richard Mishaan leapt at the chance. “This building was iconic before it was even built,” he said, “It’s an extraordinary feat of engineering.” Mishaan had the tough task of matching the apartment’s interior to its incredible exterior.

The apartment is owned by a young family, so Mishaan wanted to design a space that is enticing to both the parents and the little ones. He made sure to pay attention to the parents’ love of contemporary art and gemstones, and used wild patterns and vivid, stimulating colors for the children to enjoy.

Upon entering the apartment, visitors are greeted with what Mishaan calls a “big, beautiful welcome.” A delightful mural by Rostarr, a South Korean street artist based in Brooklyn, is splayed on the wall to your left. Gorgeous marble-inset parquet flooring leads you down the hall to the master bedroom. Its door is upholstered in purple velvet and trimmed with nailheads. The huge windows beyond provide views of the Chrysler Building in the distance. Mishaan wanted this apartment to be an adventure – this is certainly the way to begin.

The vast living room combines warm red and brown tones which Mishaan said represents “jewels and spices,” along with a regal golden ceiling. On top of a large rug, he placed oversized sofas by Liaigre and Romeo Sozzi. Large furniture was carefully chosen to match the sheer scale of the room. The apartment has massive 16-foot ceilings, so small pieces would feel dwarfed in comparison.

The parents’ love of gemstones is evident in each room. As you move into the entertainment room, this fascination becomes even more pronounced. The furniture sits on custom malachite rug, while a stunning wall mural literally depicts a geode. High above hangs a gorgeous chandelier and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide stunning vistas of New York City.

Perhaps the most dramatic space in this apartment is the bathroom. Mishaan left this space as sparse as possible, save for the custom made bath. Here, the marble does the talking. The walls and floors are covered in stunning Cassiopea marble. The blue and white stripes creating an amazing waterfall effect as they stream down the walls and across brownstone. Despite the incredible city views all around, you can’t take your eyes of this bathroom’s interior.

Mishaan’s incredible apartment truly does justice to the extravagant and daring Jenga building in which it resides. This is perhaps the most striking example of luxury modernist apartment design I’ve seen – the lucky clients must be thrilled!

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