Found in the heart of Mayfair, overlooking The Regent’s Park, London addresses do not get more exclusive than this. Local design firm Oliver Burns was blessed with the opportunity to re-design this stunning home, and they managed it with aplomb.

This Grade I listed townhouse is set over six vast floors, complete with grand fireplaces and gorgeous floor to ceiling windows. The owners had recently become parents and so wanted their home to be designed in a fashion more suitable to a young, modern family. With that in mind, the team at Oliver Burns got to work and created an amazing new space that met the needs of the family while keeping a stylish, sophisticated look that would be the envy of all their friends.

Once you enter through the front doors you are greeted with a classic neutral color scheme that contains pleasing bursts of color. Tones of gray, champagne and mink dominate the space – highbrow colors for a truly highbrow home, while pops of blues and greens combine beautifully with stylish metallic surfaces throughout.

Immediately, the eye is drawn upwards to the huge brass chandelier which illuminates the entrance hall. Not one, not two, but three large oval mirrors line the wall to reflect the chandelier’s light. We expect that the effect this creates come evening-time would be dramatic to say the least.

Part of the brief given to Oliver Burns was to create separate areas for formal and informal entertaining. The lower floors for informal living contain a kitchen, gym, media room, wine cellar, and relaxing reception rooms. Down the entrance hall you’ll find the main reception room which acts the center of the home. There sits a giant deep-cushioned sofa that looks as though it would be difficult to leave once you sat on it. Underneath the sofa lies an elegant geometric carpet. The space combines intriguing artwork with cleverly hidden storage spaces for children’s toys.

As you move upstairs you come to the piano nobile, or noble floor. This is the principle floor of the enormous house and was designated by the family to be their formal entertaining space. It is exclusively dedicated to the large formal drawing and dining rooms.  The giant floor to ceiling windows allow the light to pour in, adding to the sheer sense of scale in these beautiful spaces. Although the primary color scheme remains, a deep royal blue takes center stage to give credence to this formal space.

A baby grand piano stands over a stunning Versailles parquet floor. A unique low-hanging chandelier made of hundreds interlacing metal chains illuminates the elegant dining table underneath.  What also caught our eye was the custom sycamore wine case with brass and marble detailing. This is certainly a home we’d appreciate being invited to for a dinner party!

There are not many better examples of luxury home design in London than this Mayfair home. We think the design team at Oliver Burns has done a sterling job of making a grand home for a stylish family.

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