This sophisticated four-bedroom home has really caught our attention this week. Designed by Ariel Okin, the 67th-floor apartment combines modern and traditional touches to create a calming, refined space which sits in total juxtaposition to the bustling hubbub of New York City far below.



Both owners work in the hectic entertainment business, and so they needed a soothing, tranquil home to retreat to after a long day at work. With this in mind, Okin opted primarily for soft, tone-on-tone color schemes. By carefully blending textures and using short bursts of color and print means the space remains visually interesting without becoming intrusive.


The built-in shelving units help to maximize the space in the living room, while the huge mirror and floor-to-ceiling windows keep the room bright and airy. Plenty of seating is provided to allow for entertaining and the blue lacquered bar is a sure-fire conversation starter. Blue is tastefully used throughout the room to inject some color and personality. Adding velvet blue pillows to the plaid covered club chairs is a delightful example of how color, texture and pattern can be used effectively without being distracting.



The elegant dining room steals the show and would be perfect for any occasion, large or small. In this room, Okin kept the color scheme simple and unobtrusive to allow the incredible city views to take center stage. Textures are cleverly used again here. Elegant silk drapery, dark wood, lacquered paint and chevron flooring work in harmony to create a beautifully elevated dining and entertaining area.



Passing through to the master bedroom you will find more soft blues and neutral colors. This creates a warm and inviting area that you could imagine relaxing in on a Sunday morning. The patterned rug and coverlet at the foot of bed provide a depth of texture, and the chandelier and mirrored side table work in tandem to elevate the space. In the seating area, a throw cushion in Scalamandré tiger print provides a burst of color. Above hangs two beautiful chinoiserie prints by Dawn Wolfe. This Eastern influence was borne out of the owner’s request to have some reminders of their own heritage.



Finally, we come to the office. This was the space Okin found to be the most challenging to design. “The office is the most masculine room in the house, and the lacquer paint was a behemoth to complete,” she admitted. Despite this, the end result is stunning. The blue wall matches beautifully to the camel-brown Chesterfield sofa and the brass side tables and light furnishings. She doubled up on the rugs to add more texture; the vintage Persian rug actually came from the client’s existing collection. The gentleman’s club vibe is successfully offset by Okin’s clever placement of more feminine, chinoiserie-inspired elements, such as the lush green bonsai tree.



Ariel Okin has designed a home I think we’d all love to relax in. Looking to redesign yours? Visit our beautiful showroom at 37 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien. Or, contact us on the number below.


For more photographs of this space, visit the original article as posted by Elle Decor here.  For more by designer Ariel Okin, check out her portfolio here.

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