This week we take a look at Laura Umansky’s stunning makeover of a family home in Houston, Texas. The client’s family had steadily grown to include four children and two dogs, and so they needed a home with much more space. Eventually, they found a new property, but it required a substantial redesign to meet their needs. They wanted a comfortable space to relax in as a family, but it should also function as a stylish place to entertain friends and guests.

To find the balance between being practical and stylish, Umansky relied on a few important features: durable fabrics that will stand up to the rigors of family life, a welcoming color theme, and small design touches that create little pockets of glamour around the home.


A neutral color scheme of bright white and soft gray was chosen. This was combined with blue and a few touches of light wood. The kitchen and main living area were opened up by simply painting the exposed ceiling beams and cabinets. This soft gray works well to reflect natural light and makes the space feel much larger.


Previously, the living room had a distinctively dated feel to it with an overuse of heavy wood colors and tired-looking upholstery.  To drag the room into modern times, the floor stain was updated to a more welcoming color, and the redwood was changed to a much softer gray.

When designing a room it’s important to think about your main focal points and design around them. In this case, the client wanted to display their father’s artwork, so the designer hung five frames prominently on the living room wall. From there, the blue upholstered L-shaped sectional was chosen to match the paintings. This creates cohesion while the huge sofa provides ample space for the whole family to relax together. The cream accent chairs have gray cushions to match the cabinets which further help to tie the room together. The gorgeous ceramic table lamp and large area rug help elevate the space – the family would certainly feel comfortable using this room to watch movies with their children or have friends over for drinks.

This elegant redesign is a great example of creating a family space that is both comfortable and stylish. Are you thinking of giving your home a makeover? Visit our stunning showroom at 37 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien. Or, contact us at

For more photographs of this space, visit the original article here.  For more designs by Laura Umansky, check out her portfolio here.

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