Join us this week as we explore an updated condo in the heart of Manhattan, designed by the talented Daun Curry.

Curry has a novel approach to tackling the design of a new home. Instead of listening to a few of her client’s ideas and then cobbling together a quick PowerPoint presentation and mood board, she makes a concerted effort to actually get to know them. And how does she do that? Well, they go on a field trip! Curry explains, “We go on an excursion in New York, and just have this discovery moment.” She believes it is so important to uncover a client’s personality before even beginning to design their home. Homes should have a personal touch, and it can be easy for designers to overlook this. They may create something beautiful, but it may have no bearing on what the client likes, wants or needs. So, Curry goes for a fun day out and gets to know them. “You’re actually walking the streets of wherever you are, and you find something and have a laugh about it.” The end result of creating something that is both aesthetically pleasing and a representation of the client’s personality. This is much more fulfilling, Curry feels.

So the project in question is a large condo on Fifth Avenue. It was once part of the old Stanhope Hotel, and much remains of the classic features and architectural moldings of yesteryear. The clients, Jennifer Bayer Michaels and husband Howard Michaels had lived in the five-bedroom home for a number of years with their two daughters. As the children have grown, the family’s requirements and tastes have changed. Thanks to Curry’s help, they have been able to gradually remodel their home in a way that reflects their new needs and also shows off their tastes in funky art.

Much of the furniture is traditional and elegant, but never far away is a joyful piece of art, be it a picture, painting or figurine.  “A lot of the main anchor pieces are pretty neutral, and then the artwork is very colorful,” Curry explains. “We wanted to keep the furniture very neutral but just making sure that it had a lot of texture still.”

The condo’s entrance hall provides a taste of what’s to come. Visitors are immediately greeted with bright colors, bold patterns and lots of texture. “They are a young family, and they’re fun and vibrant, and it was important that space reflected that for them,” she says. Beautiful purple floral wallpaper captures the gaze first. The ornate Moroccan stools under the side table were discovered by the homeowners while on holiday. These were lacquered and reupholstered by Curry to create a stunning connection with the wall behind. Whimsical, lighthearted touches like a silver mirror made from recycled tires and the vintage ceramic monkey reveal the client’s fun and relaxed personality.

This blend of beautiful high-quality furniture and quirky art-pieces continues throughout the home; this was no happy accident. “There are very luxurious and high-end materials and custom things, but in every space, you see also see a whimsical, sculptural object,” Curry explains. The pillows and bedding in the master bedroom were inspired by the icy-purple lips in a Marilyn Minter photograph hanging on the wall. A set of colorful trumpet figurines, on a set of nesting tables, takes center stage in the living room. These were found at a local art fair. Curry took all of her client’s favorite bits and pieces and built the home around them. “Any of us designers can create a beautiful space, but it’s not a show house—it’s somebody’s home. Finding those details, building a relationship, and letting it progress over time is really important.”

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We drew inspiration for this article from Annie Werbler and photography from Genevieve Garruppo. Find the Original article here.

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