Are you looking to refresh your living room without a complete re-design?

Adding a single statement piece to your home can make a serious impression. A great way to do this is by investing in a great new armchair. A beautiful armchair upholstered in a stylish fabric can really draw the eye without being over-the-top. Read on to find out more and to see some gorgeous examples of armchairs available at Austin Home Interiors.

Pattern or texture?
A simple way to alter the style of your room is to add either texture, color, or pattern. Anything that differs from the norm will naturally draw the eye. For texture, upholster your armchair in a material that is unique to your living room. In the picture above, this luxurious chesterfield armchair would immediately stand out in a room of fabric sofas and other soft furnishings. The glossy sheen of the leather and the metal stud work adds to the heady contrast. Another option would be to upholster your statement piece in a deep velvet fabric. Velvet is an incredibly glamorous and decadent fabric. Using velvet to upholster an entire room would be overwhelming and give off the wrong look, but a single armchair would really elevate your space.

Tie the room together
Add a splash of color to your armchair to bring your room to life and let your personality and style shine though.

“It offers the opportunity to not only serve a function but also convey personality. That’s where the room really starts to take a turn.”
Will Meyer, founding partner of New York interior design firm Meyer Davis.

A colorful patterned fabric can help to tie in with other colors used in your living room. In the display grouping above, the chair’s fabric combines gray from the soda, blue and green from the painting, and the dark blue from the table lamp. As a result the chair manages to stand out yet remain fully in keeping with the rest of the room. This link is enhanced further by using cushions of alternate fabric.

Rinse and repeat
Another benefit of statement armchairs is that they are easy to reupholster to keep your room feeling fresh and in keeping with current trends. It’s a quick way to revitalize your room, without needing to invest in a whole set of new furniture. Keep your living room on point by reupholstering your armchair every couple of years. Play with patterns, color, and texture until you find something that really works for you.

Austin Home Interiors has an extensive range of armchair styles and a vast collection of fabrics and prints. Come visit our showroom today at 37 Trần Ngọc Diện, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, to see for yourself!

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