Have you ever looked at a room and thought something was missing? Are all the major design components present – furniture, décor accessories, an elegant color scheme – and yet something still isn’t right? If the room looks good… but it doesn’t look great, then the chances are its missing a variety of textures.

Perhaps you already know how a room’s color can affect emotions, but do you know how textures can change a space? There’s more to it than you may realize. Sleek, smooth textures can create an aloof, elegant tone in a room, whereas rough textures generate feelings of intimacy, warmth and being grounded. Texture is vital in rooms that lack color variation. Neutral color schemes will always be popular – they are easy to live with and co-ordinate well with other colors. But, they can be pretty dull spaces unless a variety of surface textures are used. Using heavily contrasting textures in monochromatic spaces will blend beautifully and provide a sense of harmony and coherence to a space that may otherwise feel bland.



Texture also has a large impact on scale. Rough, coarse textures will make objects feel heavier, while smoother textures will appear lighter. Light and temperature can be affected by texture, too. Smooth and shiny materials reflect more light to give a cool impression. Soft, raised textures, like thick blankets, absorb more light. This evokes a feeling of warmth. If you want your room to be warm, cozy and inviting, using textures such as these is crucial.


Too much of anything is overbearing, so it’s important to use a contrast of different textures. Without it, rooms can look boring. We recommend using a balance of textures to help highlight your room’s key features and allow the space to truly pop. You can do this by placing rough textures alongside smoother ones. The rougher texture will naturally draw the eye. A thick-weave rug under your wooden dining set will elevate the space, while a herringbone-patterned blanket draped over a plain sofa creates a pleasing contrast.


Don’t just settle for a pretty blend of colors. Try experimenting with textures in your home, too, and be sure to let us know the results!



This gorgeous combination of textures from Brunschwig & Fils inspired us to write this feature.

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