This week we take a look at some of the current design trends that are stealing the show in Spring 2020.


Last year it became popular to mix different kinds of metal in design, and by all metrics it is clear this trend is here to stay. Designers all over are incorporating them into their work. Metals can add an element of chic glamour, and using a mix of metals and finishes will add layers of texture to your space. Silver, bronze, chrome, copper, nickel, polished, embossed, matte; the possibilities are endless and it is easy to experiment. At Austin Home Interiors, we offer a range of gorgeous metal lamps and accent pieces to get you going. Come and visit our brand new showroom at 37 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien to explore our collection.


Interior designers have noticed that wicker and rattan furniture are coming back with a bang this year. This furniture style is perfect for outdoor spaces, sun rooms and conservatories, and it’s great for balancing modern and traditional styles. Austin Home Interiors now offers a stunning set of rattan sofas, chairs and sun loungers that look great in the garden, on the patio, or by the pool.

Keen as Mustard

Mustard yellow is making waves in interior design this year. You may not think it, but this color is extremely versatile. It can go with both dark and light colors. A deep yellow like this is much gentler on the eye compared to a vivid yellow; however, it still packs enough punch to provide a hefty pop of color. Its versatility extends all year round – it provides homes with a warm aura during the summer and a cozy feel in the winter.  Mustard yellow is particularly common in retro and modern designs, but we actually discovered that muted tones work beautifully in contemporary or classic settings as well. An acquired taste perhaps, but certainly worth considering this year.

Maximalism in Home Decor

We explored a gorgeous maximalist home in a recent blog, and it appears we were ahead of the curve! While the last decade has been the era of minimalism, the pendulum is beginning to swing back towards maximalist design. It is all about incorporating interiors with a sense of grandeur. Bigger, bolder, brighter is always better. Lean heavily on colors, patterns, textures, and colorful abstract paintings; these will be becoming more and more popular in the coming months. Watch this space!


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